Upon completion of your project Mazenga will provide you with an Operations and Maintenance Manual that contains quick reference material on products, warranties and contact information - like an owner's manual for your home, office or store. We are also only a phone call away for onsite service.


Mazenga is not only dedicated to providing outstanding construction and project management service as we have been in the industry long enough to recognize that ongoing care and maintenance of your home/office is essential to its preservation and operation. Similar to a car, your project is composed on systems and components that keep it functioning which need to be maintained regularly for its preservation and to minimize unforeseen expenditures. The services provided by our client services team fall into three basic categories:

  1. 1. Planned Maintenance

    Mazenga will coordinate the work required to repair and maintain your home. To prevent emergencies and equipment breakdown, our management team prepares a comprehensive program of ongoing maintenance activities on its building systems. Our preventive program consists of work performed according to the manufacturers’ and our recommended maintenance procedures. Examples include: spring and winter preparation, HVAC filter change out, scupper and eaves clean-out, mechanical and electrical systems maintenance, heat trace cables, etc.

  2. 2. Unplanned Maintenance

    We recognize that even though you might have a plan in place, there will always be things that come up unexpectedly. Our client services department is available to resolve any unplanned maintenance items that may arise at any given time. Mazenga has identified the following categories as unplanned maintenance that can occur in any building:

    • Corrective – repair or replacement of obsolete, worn, broken, or inoperative building subcomponents or subsystems.

    • Reactive – unplanned maintenance of a nuisance nature (i.e. leaking faucets, etc.). These problems are usually identified and reported by the client.

    • Emergency – unscheduled work that requires immediate action to restore services, to remove problems that could interrupt activities, or to protect life and property.

  3. 3. Concierge Service

    Mazenga has identified this as work not required for the preservation or functioning of a building but rather it falls into activities that the Clients' requests. This work may be operational, minor trades work, or even minor alteration or construction. As your builder, we know your home inside and out which is why our clients feel comfortable with having us perform any additional service work they may require after the completion of their project.